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YC2-X/L series lifting permanent magnet
(widened and lengthened type)

YC2-X/L series lifting permanent-magnet Product is one of the special product in automatic series, It designed by a special mag-netic circuit, It is more slim than the conventional type in structure.
1) The suction area is larger, and the stability is better.
2) By using driving hook lift up and down, To complete produce and degaussing magnetic cycle, and to achieve the purpose of adsorption and unloading.
3) Highly energy efficient, no power consumption
4) Combined use to lifting and transport widened plates.

Most suitable for lifting and transport large or small plates which are middle or thin in thickness, widened plates and profile.


YC2-X/L series products' structure diagram
YC2-X/L series Technical Data Sheet
Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm) Mass(kg) Pull-off strength(kg) Rated lifting(kg)
YC2-2/L 1100 380 120 614 252 ≥8000 2000
YC2-3/L 1600 380 120 755 450 ≥12000 3000
YC2-4/L 2000 380 120 1055 560 ≥16000 4000
YC2-5/L 2000 460 125 1044 625 ≥20000 5000
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